Monday, 21 January 2013

"With Your Imagination You Can Make Anything Happen"

Meet Olivia! She is just one of the brilliant puppets created by Year 3 pupils during my 4 day residency at QEGS Junior School. We worked with a variety of found objects I had collected to inspire characteristics of puppets, notice the pan lid handle for a hat and pistachio shells for ears, eyes and nose. 

 The quote of the week came from one pupil at the end of day one: "With your imagination you can make anything happen". This comment inspired the gift we made to pass on to Hemsworth Arts & Community College...The Imagination Tool Box 

Here are some photos of the gift making process

The gift from Oakfield Park School on display at QEGS Junior School 
Making a gift for Hemsworth Arts & Community College
Generating Ideas : An Imagination Helmet! 

The imagination helmet: Powered by your imagination, it generates ideas for the wearer! 

Next stop will be Hemsworth Arts and community college,  28th January - 1st February.