About the Residency

‘Me, My Puppet, Wakefield, The World’

My approach to the Ignite Residency programme is to inspire, enable and celebrate connections between people. Throughout the year we will be exploring connections to our community by sharing stories and discoveries in outdoor spaces, making puppets and exchanging gifts between schools. My approach to each residency is to build in opportunities for children to lead, take responsibility and share ideas and learning with each other. These are the key ingredients which will enable children to feel they have a valuable contribution to make to this project and lives of others. The things we learn, share and discover throughout the residencies will inform the creation of an online Learning Resource. 

Key Themes

The residency will create a space where children and teachers can be…

·         Curious, Playful, Imaginative

Creating and exploring…

·         Connections with others
·         Connections to your community and the wider world
·         Your environment

Gift Exchange: Linking schools & people together

The Ignite programme is unique in its scope with residencies taking place the length and breadth of the Wakefield District and involving up to 20 schools. This is a unique opportunity to share our creativity, ideas and stories with our wider community. 

As part of each residency young people will be invited to create special gifts to pass on to the next school in the chain; offering the opportunity to make a contribution to the wider world and feel connected to other young people. 

The gifts may take the form of a drawing, a few words or an object collected that says something about the place you live in that you would like to share with others.