Monday, 6 May 2013

'My Dad's got hair' and other stories

Crofton Infants' School

"My Dad! He doesn't have any hair so I've given him some now!" 
Adding the finishing touches to Puppet head 
Taking puppets outside to play, explore and invent stories 

At Crofton Infants School we made puppets of Family members which sparked lots of conversations during the day....

I’m giving my dad a uniform cos he’s got a full job now. He didn’t have one before but now they’ve give him a uniform so it means they’re keeping him”  

.....and at home: 

I heard a tale from a parent picking up their child about her daughter jumping on the bed in the morning saying "Mummy I need to know what you look like, I've got to make puppet of you today" after some close examination she said "you've got a lot of spots mum but I won't put them on my puppet" 

Gift for Castle Grove Infants
A concertina book of  family portraits celebrating their skills and talents

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